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CBS means Casino Blackjack Slots. Check our 11 TV!As F. E. Higgins said, “What is life if not a gamble?”, gambling makes life much more fun when you know how to play it. People go to casinos to win, whether they play blackjack or try slots. No one wants to lose. Sometimes it is about luck, but many times it is all about your sharpness and focus. Before going into depth of the tips and tricks of casinos blackjack and slots, let’s see when and how it all started.

History of Gambling

History of gambling in ancient ChinaThe history of gambling started thousands of years ago when it was not even confined to specific places like the way we do in casinos. No matter which era in history you study, there existed gambling in one or the other way. A group of people used to sit and play with pieces of bones or wood. The use of 6 sided dice back then is also very evident in the study. In 2300 bc, betting and lottery existed in ancient China where, according to some evidence, lottery money was used to fund the projects of the state like the construction of The Great Wall in China.

In 500 bc, a Greek poet Sophocles mentioned dice in his scripts for the first time, and according to his writings, the dice were introduced by a hero during the siege of Troy. In fact, dice existed way before that, because dices were also found in Egypt which dated back to 3000 bc. Though gambling was quite trending among Egyptians and Ancient Greeks, it was once banned in the city of Rome and charged the penalty double to the amount of bet. This was the time when people invented gambling tokens or coins.

History of gambling in ancient Egypt

If they get caught by cops, they can pretend to be playing for tokens instead of money. Many researchers say that the concept of cards started back in the 9th century in China, where people used paper cards and rules of playing were also different. The two-player card game that still exists passed from Italy to France in 1400. However, the game we play today came from Cuba and reached the US through Britain. But it is obvious that its rules and regulations have evolved and changed through this time.

History of casino cards

History of Casinos

In ancient times there was no concept of a designated place to do gambling. People used to sit anywhere in groups and start playing.

Casinos in Las VegasIn the 17th century, the concept of gambling houses (somehow similar to our casinos) started in France, when foreseeing the disorder of the yearly festival, Ridotto was founded (1638) to offer a monitored environment to play.

But the concept of these casinos took a long delay in spreading and moved across Europe in the 19th century. Meanwhile, the informal concept of casinos did get popular in the US, especially in Mississippi. Undoubtedly nowadays Las Vegas is known as a hub of casinos, blackjack, and slots all over the world, but it only started as a result of depression in the US.

History of Blackjack

What is the history of blackjack?There are many stories related to the history of Blackjack, but the French game vingt-et-un is believed to possess the direct lineage to the current blackjack that we play in casinos today. It reached the United States when people from Europe especially France moved to the US and settled there. As we all know the importance of Nevada, the credits of the naming of Blackjack also go to Nevada casinos, when special payment offers on odds were announced by winning blackjack of Clubs or Spades together along with an Ace of Spades. Though with passing years promotions ended, the name was kept using in the gambling world.

History of Slots

Discover history of slotsThe history of slots began with Messrs Sittman and Pitt in 1891, when they used the 52 cards on drum reels to develop a poker game. Later on, Charles Fay created the Liberty Bell machine which practically laid the foundation of the modern world slots machine. It was better due to its precise regulation of the chances of victories. This is the reason that some slots machines still show the signs of bells. The first slot machine was developed in 1976 with the introduction of money dispensing and online video slots as well.

Though online gambling is becoming more famous and trendy these days, the charm and joy of playing slots or blackjack in casinos are unmatched. And casinos give the players the freedom to play many varieties of gambling under one roof.

How Casinos work

Casinos are the places where gamblers gather to play a variety of games. They offer gambling, live entertainment, sports, bowling, music and much more. Since the casinos of Las Vegas are the most popular ones, and people from across the world go there to gamble, Las Vegas has a lot of lavish hotels, restaurants, shopping facilities, bars, and tourist attractions. A casino is where some people lose their savings and many people make it all. According to a 2015 survey, casinos of the Las Vegas Strip generated annual revenues of 6.348 billion dollars.

Strip Casino Las Vegas

There are a variety of ways to gamble that are available in casinos, such as blackjack, slots, craps, roulette, keno, baccarat, poker, and many others. Here is the insight into a few of them:


Blackjack is also called twenty oneBlackjack is the most popular table card game played at casinos. It is one of the best card games if you know exactly how to play it and how to beat the person with pairing your skills with a chance. Also called Twenty One, it starts with you dealing two cards, one facing down and the other facing up. You are supposed to decide by calculating the value of the cards, if you need one more card or not to get closer to 21.

When you decide to stay or stand, the turn moves to the next player with the same options, and just like that the turns move all around the table until they reach the dealer. Now the dealer will have the same option as everyone around the table, but he will have to stop once the value of the cards reaches 17 points. So, in blackjack, the players compete against the dealer, rather than playing against all players. If the dealer does not reach 17, he asks a hit. If only the dealer busts, everyone else wins. If the dealer does not bust, then anyone with the higher value of all wins the blackjack game.

What is the role of dealer in blackjack?

If you are lucky enough to get a Blackjack, which is basically an Ace and a number-card of value 8, you immediately win and get one and a half of the initial bet. Also, if the dealer gets the blackjack, he or she wins. If the dealer and any player both get the blackjack, then this is called a push. Suits are meaningless in blackjack and picture cards have a value of 10. Only the number-cards have the value of the number on them. The bust is the hand over 21.

The best number in blackjack is 21

Aces can have a value of 1 or 11 Aces depending on which can be useful to the player. The ace valued at 11 is called soft ace, while ace valued at 1 is called hard ace. Ace is valued one when if the player is already closer to 21, but it is valued eleven if the person is already far from 21. Usually, blackjack is played on a semicircular table, where the dealer stands at the flat side and the players stand at the arc of the table. Casinos may have minimum and maximum betting limits. The game starts once the player places his or her bet.

Blackjack tableThere are many options of betting on a blackjack table, including doubling down, splitting, doubling after splitting, surrender, insurance and five-card Charlie. Though Blackjack is popular and easy, there are some tips and tricks along with the established traditions of the casinos. You should not touch your cards after placing your bet. The dealer may think that you have good skills of sneaking extra cards in your bet, and doubt you for cheating.

Blackjack extra cardsYou should not place the extra cards over your original cards to stay away from the eyes of the dealer. Place them on the side of the original set. Do not touch your cards with two hands in both London and Nevada deals. Many casinos do not even allow that. You should say “Hit me up” if you need another card. Keep your concentration on the blackjack table and do not fall for the drink or the waitress. Otherwise, you can lose your money in blackjack by a little distraction.


Slots, also known as ‘the slots’ or ‘slot machine’ and ‘poker machine’, is the variety of gambling played on machines, where the player dispenses his money, pulls or pushes the button and look forward to any possible output. The player may lose or he may win, you never know. Many colored strips or bands roll on the screen and if their combination matches, the player wins, otherwise he or she loses the slots. In other words, it’s a game of chance. Nowadays computer-regulated slots are abundantly found in casinos rather than the actual reel slots.

Slot machines have many names

Though machines are designed on the precision and controlled regulations, they do not require personal gambling skills. It does not require a person to have complete know how of the gambling, unlike blackjack. Even if this is your first time in a casino, you can give it a try with confidence, because the game will stay only between you and the slots machine. Slots are proved to be more beneficial for the casinos, as they earn more from them as compared to blackjack and poker. The slots make up the 60 to 80 percent source of the total income of casinos in the United States.

The slots are the most popular

Since the technology has advanced, the reels of the slot machines are replaced by computer-controlled mechanisms but the technique of playing the game is still the same. The computers statistically calculate the chances of wins and losses and set an algorithm of both these chances for each spin. There are usually three reels and there are pictures on them. When you push the button or the handle, they start moving on the screen. There is another line called “pay line” in the center of the screen and if the picture matches that line, you win. Now the amount you win depends on the picture which matches with ‘pay-line’.

Payline in slots may let you winThe suspense of this chance game attract people to this game, as they want to try their luck. The amount that a player puts in the slots is called ‘push’ and the bet that he or she places is called ‘handle’. The amount left after the payment of jackpot is casino’s earning, also termed as ‘casino win’ or ‘revenue’. Moreover, casinos do have a hold percentage and payback table that determines how many times and how many games will payback. In slots, casinos do have a benefit of favorable statistics.

Slots payoutThere are many payout methods in slots used in modern casinos; one of them being the ‘straight slot’ or ‘flat top’. In this method, the slots machine is set to a specific amount of payout that can not be changed. On the other hand, in the jackpot payout of a progressive machine, as long as the players keep adding money, the amount keeps on increasing until one of them wins and then the value is reset to the starting point again. Another appealing scheme is Video slots, where there is a screen with video images instead of physical reels. Developers keep on bringing new modern styles to casinos, slots, and blackjack, but I feel that playing blackjack in a casino while utilizing all your skills and tricks is the most attractive and intelligent way of gambling.